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A common theme in discussions of the Oprah program was the notion that Oprah's popularity gave her some kind of improper influence over the mindless female multitudes that constitute her audience
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Occupational disease among operating room personnel: a national study
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The overwhelming majority of drum heads these days are made of a thin plastic called Mylar
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In forest, plants are not separate entities rather they are interconnected with other forms of life
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alkaline excipients and antioxidants disclosed in present invention are previously unrecognized in the
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Updated to the 2007 Edition of NFPA standard 472, Hazardous Materials Air
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If a patient needs, he can repeat anti-obesity therapy with Phentermine, but no sooner than non-drug therapy is finished
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It is worth mentioning that owing to the fibrillium, themeristematic area of a date palm (growth centre) is well protected againstfrost